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Papa Love Vintage

Like Vines: Hand Painted Silk Scarf

Like Vines: Hand Painted Silk Scarf

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100% Silk, tie dyed


This piece can be worn or framed


length: 64” X width: 17.5”


Note from the Artist:

Title: Like Vines / Grow, grow, grow. Like vines on a wall, never stop taking up space or reaching for new heights. This simple design was shockingly hard to create, with thin lines being painted completely freehand over the course of weeks. It is a very simple design, but holds great meaning to the artist, who adored the vines that slowly consumed their childhood home in what they felt was a marvellous act of defiance by nature. Hopefully this piece will remind the wearer to grow with the same ambition and disregard for the old structures and outdated ideas that stand in their way.

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